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Choosing the Right Wedding DJ

My goal is to educate on how and why to choose the right wedding DJ. If you have any input, please leave a comment below. Most consider their budget first and when thats the main deciding factor, may the cheapest DJ when. Cost vary from craigslist prices to very high at $2K or more. An obvious indicator of who not to choose are the DJs who talks bad about others, are significantly lower than pros, and or DJ as a side hustle. Over the years I've learned from many customers that DJs are usually the last of the vendors to contact. I say really evaluate all of your vendors or major parts of your wedding ad ask yourself what will you remember most about your big day? The partially eaten cake, the venue, centerpieces, decor, food? Photography and DJ are amongst the top vendors making a memorable impact. I've been told many times "I wish your were our DJ". I know lots of DJs in Killeen, Harker Heights, Austin, and Dallas. most are mainly club or low budget with little to no experience in the wedding industry so their inexpensive. The results are usually terrible because they simple lack experience. Another indicator is, price comparability to other pros.

"My DJ bailed on us help!" We get these calls also. I usually ask is there a contract involved and the answer is always no. Some agree to DJ for you until a gig with more pay comes along. Make sure you get a contract clearly outlining the terms and conditions. Also check our their references, reviews, resume, website etc. Avoid the gimmicks. Some like to focus on their equipment as if customers know what it is or even care. Some claim to be the worlds best. You should be paying attention to who is more customer focused. Do they understand your vision, are they flexible, friendly, not pushy or gimmicky? When you really put it all in perspective you'll begin to look at what makes you feel at peace or confident about your DJ. You should walk away from that interview feeling like "wow they get me".

There's more to consider than what I wrote in this article but again my purpose it to give you a better perspective on considering the right DJ for you. I hope now it'll be based on professionalism and customer service first. We at G Fire are clear, honest and easy to work with. We prioritize customer service, so rather than focus on what we want to do, we fall in line with your vision and needs. We listen and the results are the DJ packages we built to fit most wedding situations and we allow you to customize as needed. Want a professional DJ company without pressure, gimmicks, and nonsense? Looking for experienced wedding DJs who'll help make your day even more special? Contact us at and see if we're the right DJ & lighting company for you. Let's Party!

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