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Below are the questions we're commonly asked.  However, we are more than happy to help you with your unanswered entertainment and lighting concerns. Contact Us!

Why should I choose G Fire for my event? Simply put, we provide exceptional entertainment and our customer service is unparalleled. We're attentive to our clients' needs and constantly look for ways to add more value to the celebration.  

How much do you charge? It all depends on your specific DJ services & lighting requirements. We've designed DJ packages accommodating for most weddings or events. We also customize to your specific needs. See our rates & packages page.

Do you charge for set up & take down? No, all labor is included.

Is there a travel fee? Only for events more than 100 miles from Harker Heights, TX.


How do we book? We keep it professional. We conduct business by contract and require a 50% reservation fee to secure your date.

When is the rest of the payment due? 2 weeks prior to the event start date. G Fire is flexible to ISD, city, state, and federal payment processes. We adjust for unique or last minute situations.


How soon can we hire you? Immediately and sometimes we're available for last minute or emergency situations. We're always ready to party!


What kind of music do you play? Top 40, gospel, pop, rock, country, R&B, hip hop, afrobeat, Latin, reggae, dubstep, EDM, jazz, swing, oldies, World, Indian, KPOP, Nigerian, 50's - current and more.


Is your music clean? It is our standard to play only clean or radio versions because we perform at lots of formal and family events.


Can I pick my own music? We highly encourage it because each couple has different music preferences. We also work with our clients to help select music appropriate for weddings and that fits their overall vibe.


How will the DJ dress?  It depends on the occasion and client's request. Weddings are usually suit & tie or business casual. Otherwise we roll with the vibe of the event type and atmosphere. 


Do you take request? Yes. We subscribe to online services like Spotify and DJ sites to stream or download selections we don't have in our library. We'll also respectfully refuse inappropriate requests for the type of event and honor "DO NOT PLAY" lists.

Do you have cold sparks? Yes and we call them G Sparkx.Their rated indoor safe and are a huge hit with our brides.


When will the DJ be there to set up? Usually 2 hours prior to the start time. However, sometime within an hour if we're already familiar with the venue or much sooner for more complex setups. The Titanium Package for example, would require us more time to setup vs the Bronze Package. 


Do you have wireless mics? Yes, hand held and lapel. It's the standard at G Fire.


How to we give you our music request? Usually a typed list is accepted. We've also updated to accepting Spotify  or Apple Music playlist.


I don't know what songs to pick for my special dances! We have playlists with the most requested songs for special dances and other moments at weddings. If we don't have your song already,  we'll get it for you. It's also common to google "first dance songs", etc...


Are your prices negotiable? They are not however, we do offer discounts as an incentive during certain times of the year. We are proven professionals in our industry and hundreds of positive customer reviews are proof of the value we add to any event.  Good DJ's aren't cheap, cheap DJ's aren't good.

I don't know how my wedding should flow! No problem. We have a free wedding event flow template available upon booking. They are set up for a traditional wedding flow but can be customized to your desire.


Do you go over time? Yes for an extended hourly rate. See our Add-ons.


Will the DJ drink alcohol? Our DJ's are "NOT" permitted to drink on the job. Our focus is to serve our clients professionally and sober.


Do you have a backup plan? Yes, we understand that even the best equipment could faulter so we've rehearsed and implemented a what to do plan to keep the party going.


I don't have a venue yet, can I still book the date? You sure can, the DJ will be assigned to your event regardless of where it is. Travel fees apply according to our rates and packages.


I want the Silver Package but it doesn't offer uplighting. Can I add it? Yes. Our DJ packages are convenient for the majority of situations we encounter but can be customized to your needs.


Should I give the DJ a tip? It's not required but is very appreciated and customary for a job well done. Tips and the amounts are given at your discretion.

What if I cancel due to Covid? Reservations fees are nonrefundable but due to a government directed shutdown, we would allow you to postpone our services for up to a year. The reservation fee will apply towards your balance.

How do you protect customers who have to share a microphone? We sanitize between uses and we have disposable microphone covers for each customer. 


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