Terms & Conditions

Booking or Reservation

All bookings with G Fire are subject to the availability of our staff. We get lots of inquiries from ready-to-book clients and those who are price shopping. We will hold the tentative date for potential customers for a few days but do operate on a "first-book-first serve" basis  To secure your date, a nonrefundable reservation fee of 50% and or a signed contract is required. We accept payments and contracts even if you don't have a venue yet. By submitting your reservation fee to secure your date, you automatically agree to the terms of our contract. Only then will your event move from pending status to booked. Your assigned DJ will  be dedicated to your event for that day. G Fire is flexible to ISD, city, state, and federal government pay systems and policies.


Discounts and Promotions

G Fire reserves the right to promote or discontinue discounts at any time. All promotions are valid during the posted  time offered. Expired promotions are invalid regardless if they are still posted to any of our websites after the promotion period.


This promotion is limited to a 2 speaker PA system with a microphone, media device for playing music and upto 3 hours of. performance.  Add-ons, extended time, and travel(as applicable) will be charged at full price. Offers may not be combined. Contact us for more info.


Fire Dollar Deals

This promotion is offered during certain times of the year and is only valid within the date range of the promotion. Discounts for this offer will be given as a percentage or dollar amount off.


Bridal Bucks

We do not own the term "Bridal Extravaganza Bucks" or "Bridal Bucks". This is an exclusive offer to The Wedding Guide/Bridal Extravaganza. It's authorized use is given to vendors of the Bridal Extravaganza as an incentive to secure more bookings. Each vendor has different amounts offered and must comply with the rules concerning this discount. We had the right to include this incentive at the bridal shows or not. When offered they are generally expired at the end of the month of the bridal show. This discount will not be combined with any other offers.



G Fire advertises on social media and multiple wedding website profiles. By booking with us, we reserve the rights to post or share your written or typed reviews from any format to any and all of our social media profiles, wedding advertisment profiles, and our website.